In Japanese “Gua” means “scratch, rub” and “sha” means “disease”. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it should “scratch” the body according to the points and meridians to get rid of the heat, the wind, the cold and humidity causing various illnesses. The goal is to rebalance the body, promote the circulation of qi and blood and remove toxins.

GUA SHA or self-massage of the face and neck.

Gua Sha is a ritual from traditional Chinese medicine that drains, detoxifies and tones the tissues.

The Gua Sha technique is inspired by an ancient Chinese massage method dating back over 700 years, traditionally used to treat many acute and chronic health conditions.

Applied to the face, Gua Sha helps restore radiance to the complexion and tone the tissues. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the skin is the external manifestation of our energy disorders, it is the “mirror of body and mind”. With Gua Sha, the points along the meridians of the face are gently stimulated and the circulation of energy and blood is improved, like acupuncture but without needles. This technique promotes good energy circulation, drains and muscle for an invigorated and toned skin.

Practiced regularly, Gua Sha helps to even out the complexion and give radiance, to fight against weakening of the face and neck, it reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes, prevents and reduces facial wrinkles and evacuates toxins.

The Gua Sha ritual erases wrinkles and firms the largest organ in the body, the skin, you can appear to be 10 years younger with less effort with daily practice.

We can start by massaging the neck, the gates of the sky and releasing the hyoid bone by holding it and triggering it. Then the base of the skull under the occiput to open the doors represented by the 20GB, important point of the meridian of the gallbladder, at the level of the axis, as an osteopath does. Finally make a very close movement along the rising branch of the stomach meridian, starting from the outer edge of the eyebrows towards the hair roots.

  • Then just start from the base of the nose to the ears (23TH to 21TH), gently massaging three times. Your fingers will also drain point 1GB towards points 2GB and 19SI.
  • Then symmetrically continue from 20LI points to 19SI passing under the malar.
  • Finish with the corner of the lips ST4, always towards the helix of the ears.

At any time, preferably in the evening because gestures can cause slight reddening of the skin.
Which products?
MORNING: Plumping Essence or moisturizing cream.
EVENING: Plumping Essence or Infusion Serum or Massage Cream
How? ‘Or’ What ?
Apply the product of your choice on the entire face and neck before practicing body movements.
2 minutes; each gesture is performed 3 times.
Caution :
Do not press too hard because the skin of the face is sensitive, especially that around the eyes and mouth.


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