Write these dreams down so they can come true! Lyrix for Alexis’s Music.

Write these dreams down so they can come true! Lyrix for Alexis’s Music.

Royal Blue Fibonacci
  • Ôlyrix; Chanson pour dyslexlique! Song song; Lyrics
  • Namaskaram
  • Oṁ śānti śānti śānti

I dream of living safe! Walk the deck of the boat,

at the bow; Healing and Water!
My motivation balances the emotional balance

I dream of standing straight!

I dream of supporting a marvelous and being filled with the love that I give permanently I dream;

To have the spine and the breath, well aligned, Yggdrasile

To live in the great nature close to animals and the souls of all beings;

Love makes the compass lose

Everything is perfect, as it is!

Winner, winner

Expliegle, I dream

I dream

I dream; I dream of listening to my heart and my intuistion, she is reliable.

She gives wings!!!!!

I dream of an intelligent synonym like Akasha, chi, Prana, Atma, black hole in the center of galaxies, Nahual between the stars …

She gives wings!!!!! Intuition;

  • I dream of intelligent synonym like for Akasha, chi, Prana, Atma
  • Between empty and full, reach the Tao
  • I dream through the Matrix, it’s not so bad and even often good Kali yuga

Always stupid prejudices in the world.
Osteopathy and Chinese Medicine merge miracles together.
I understand for the trade. I know where to go to check my translations near where I am.
Later you will just tell me if you can connect to the site.
Certain Chinese cannot with sensory

Even as beyond, I continue to Dream. I remember

Even as beyond, I continue to Dream. I obviously remember

  • A lot of volatility, when you throw the garlic on the wall, it’s the return of the garlic spray!
  • I wake up!

Knowledge of the wheel of the five elements;
I wake up, I reveal

I know I haven’t slept. My trader wings were cut three times. Full moon!

I am in permanent renewal. I dream. So I’m writing a song on the subject for my brother Alexis.
I put on a shirt; to become a doctor you need the white coat and the fashionable surgical mask right now !?
Yes she cut me, my doll.
She thought she was doing well like everyone, obviously.

Yes I was fed up with caring for everyone who thinks they are the best and are in the dark … That’s why I stopped my medical practice and want to do something more interesting for me . Traveling and trading. Finish my project in the south. Living on a sailboat … Being with horses and nature … Creating with a real stable and intelligent woman.

Write down these dreams to become the author of your life.
Clarify your priorities, put them away!

Everything is perfect, as it is!
We are all, dreamers.


Nature, Art, Osteopath, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kriya Yoga

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    • Thank you BrianBiats, for your enthusiastic comment. I followed your link and came across one of your articles featured on Click Mag: The Coronavirus Mutates Into A Zombie Virus, How Would It Go Realistically? Where do you live? Maybe, HongKong! Do you write often on your site?
      Are you still in kind of confinement? Thank you for your return, which makes it possible to get to know and create an international link.

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